We work with companies from Lithuania, Europe or other countries. Currently we export our products to 24 foreign countries.

A leap of experience and maturity

onto a new level of quality −

TIGER touch®!

We used all our knowledge, years of experience and professionalism of the staff to create an extremely comfortable and durable new generation type of foam − TIGER touch®.

TIGER touch® −  exclusive sense of comfort

TIGER touch® foam is in the highest class of comfort products. 

Optimal SAG index is considered 2.8 - 3.TIGER touch SAG index – 2.9

TIGER touch® is human- friendly and environment-friendly

Due to the fact that TIGER touch flexible polyurethane foam is MDI-based product, it has fewer volatile organic compounds and meets Oeko-Tex standard.

TIGER touch® is reliable, durable and long-life

The Fatigue test, performed by FIRA, showed that TIGER touch polyurethane foam remains Very Severe class after 80 thousand compressions; and when double test performed – after 160 thousand compressions  - is classified as Severe. 

Our experience and periodically performed tests show that TIGER touch PU foam, adequately chosen and used in accordance with our recommendations, the basic properties and a sufficient level of comfort retain up to 8-9 years. 

Test Hardness loss Thickness loss Class Test method

After 80,000 compressions

13% 2% Very severe ISO 3385: 1995 (E)

After 160,000 compressions

21% 2% Severe ISO 3385: 1995 (E)

Very Severe fatigue class means that TIGER touch® can be used in production of products of intensive use.

TIGER touch® is attractive, flexible and adaptive

Open pores of TIGER touch® foam ensure good air permeability and absorption of body heat, which reduces sweating. TIGER touch® is especially attractive to users, pleasant to touch and easily adapts to body forms.

TIGER touch® foam is flexibly used in various industries, production of comfort foam products.

TIGER touch foam can be easily recognized by its unique colours

TIGER touch® foam has an exclusive combination of colours which resemble the fur of a tiger. It is due to these features that the foam has become attractive and easily recognisable. No other European manufacturer has presented such combination of foam colours. 

TIGER touch® is foam of exclusive features

Experience and freedom of creativity enabled us to create foam, meeting the highest quality requirements. TIGER touch® is for clients who value and have the most refined demands for comfort. 

Test Requirements Results Test method
Rel.density(net) 53 – 56 kg/m³ 55 kg/m³ ISO 845: 1988 (E)

Hardness (ILD 40%)

110 – 150 N 124,4 N ISO 2439: 1997 (E)
2,9 – 3,5 kPa 3 kPa ISO 3386/1: 1986 (E)
SAG Min 2,5 2,9 ISO 2439: 1997 (E)
Resilience 53 – 56 % 55 % ISO 8307: 1990 (E)
 Attractive  Very comfortable
 Durable  Easily recognizable
 High density  Exceptional quality

Foam, which never disappoints

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We work with companies from Lithuania, Europe or other countries. Currently we export our products to 24 foreign countries.