We work with companies from Lithuania, Europe or other countries. Currently we export our products to 24 foreign countries.

We invite you to choose best – VitaRest® highest quality viscoelastic foam.


Innovative viscoelastic polyurethane foam VitaRest® has become obligatory raw material for production of comfort mattresses, pillows, upholstered furniture and other foam blanks and parts. We receive only positive feedback from companies who have tested VitaRest® foam. This trend leads more and more manufacturers to choose our company’s foam. Due to distinctive and unique features of viscoelastic foam its demand is continuously increasing both in Lithuania and abroad market.

The areas where VitaRest® viscoelastic foam is used:


Mattresses and mattress toppers



Other products

VitaRest® significant achievements

VitaRest® viscoelastic polyurethane foam was awarded by the gold medal “Product of the Year 2010” and became the winner of “Innovation Award 2010” in the category of “Innovative Product “.

VitaRest® meets the highest requirements.

Viscoelastic foam contains almost no volatile organic compounds and meets 1st class requirements of Oeko Tex Standard; thus, our company’s foam can be used in products intended for babies or allergic people.

Acknowledgement of quality and professionalism of VitaRest® 

International prestigious laboratory Thomson Research Associates (Europe) has tested pillows produced by our company. The received certificate confirms that the moulded foam VitaRest® pillows meet all Ultra-Fresh antimicrobial requirements:

  Undesirable microorganisms do not grow;   Protects against settling of tick colonies;
  Long service life;   Prevents initiation of decay processes;
  Long-life aesthetic appearance;   Foam remains hygienic and odourless long time.

VitaRest® outstanding comfort and convenience

Due to its unique properties VitaRest® viscoelastic polyurethane foam ensures considerably less pressure to mostly protruded human body parts.

Advantages of VitaRest® viscoelastic foam:

  It has anti-bedsore effect;
  It prevents the formation of a double chin;
  It helps to relieve back and neck pains;
  Features extremely ventilating effect leading to less sweat;
  Provides good rest and helps quickly restore body’s functions;
  It helps to maintain the correct position of a spine, reduces pressure on spine discs.



Our experience and performed tests show that VitaRest® foam maintains its core features minimum 7 years if correctly selected and used according to our recommendations.

Highest quality of comfort!

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We work with companies from Lithuania, Europe or other countries. Currently we export our products to 24 foreign countries.


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