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Tiger touch®

Tiger touch®

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Tiger touch®

„Tiger touch®“ foam specification:

Tiger Touch ® foam is very comfortable and durable. Due to the structure of the open pores that ensure ventilation, the foam is very hygienic and is perfect for mattresses, upholstered furniture, furniture seats and supports, as well as pillows.

Among other types of foam, Tiger Touch ® stands out for its extremely high SAG index. The SAG Index is often referred to as the "comfort index" and is designed to measure the degree of comfort of a particular brand of foam.

Density Hardness (ILD 40 %) Hardness (CLD 40 %) Compression SET SAG Resilience Oeko-Tex 100 certificate, Class
ISO 845 kg/m3 ISO 2439 N ISO 3386/1 kPa ISO 1856 % ISO2439 ISO 8307
TT3735 35-41 120-160 2,9-3,9 Max 5 Min 2,9 Min 58 1
TT5532 53-56 110-150 2,9-3,5 Max 3 Min 2,9 Min 53 1
TT5542 49,5-54 140-180 3,5-4,4 Max 5 Min 2,9 Min 52 1

*Tests carried out in our laboratory have shown that the main characteristics of Tiger Touch ® and a sufficient level of comfort are maintained for up to 7 years.

Certificates and tests


Compression (Fatique) and Double compression tests performed in the independent Fira® laboratory showed that Tiger Touch® foam is classified as very resistant and extremely resistant after 80 thousand compressions and very resistant - after 160 thousand compressions, depending on the brand of foam.


Tiger Touch ® foam meets the non-flammability requirements of the California test.


As stated in the Oeko - tex standard certificate, if the product is marked with the Oeko - tex standard class 1 mark, it means that you can be sure that every component of this product has been tested for harmful substances and is harmless and harmless to human health.

"Vita Baltic International" has used the knowledge and skills accumulated over many years in the field of foam production to create a foam of extraordinary quality, which ensures maximum comfort and is characterized by resistance. As a source of inspiration, we chose an exclusive animal that symbolizes luxury - the tiger. Inspired by the character of this royal animal, we created a high-quality foam that has the same characteristics as the creature that inspired us: resistance, flexibility, softness and maximum comfort. It is the best MDI-based foam product for the mattress, chair and commercial furniture market, as its main properties and sufficient level of comfort are maintained for at least 7 years.



- provides full body support


- completely resistant to indentations


- ensures ventilation and moisture resistance


- open pore structure


- easy to turn over, easy to put in and take out


- adapts to your body shape and provides support