Prepared according to the 22 resolution no. 560 OF THE Government of the Republic of Lithuania passed in April 2002: “On informing the population in case of industrial accidents”

Company’s activities and sanitary protection zone (SAZ)

UAB “Vita Baltic International” is an elastic foam polyurethane (foam) production company. Foam is manufactured in a closed production line by reaction between isocyanates, polyols and auxiliary substances.


Sanitary Protection Zone (SPZ, Lith., SAZ)

This is an area around a stationary source or several sources of pollution, as well as near roads, where special land use conditions apply due to possible effects on human health.

The decision of the National Public Health Center under the Ministry of Health approved the identification of the Sanitary Protection Zone (SAZ) with the boundaries of the land plot of economic activity.


Information about hazardous substances in the facility

Shale oil

Stable liquid under normal conditions, used as fuel in the boiler room. The material is flammable, the vapors can easily irritate the eyes, nose, and throat. It is unlikely that accidental contact could cause major damage (small quantities stored).


A reactive, flammable liquid, used in the facility as one of the two main raw materials for the production of foam rubber. The substance is very toxic, high concentrations can cause pneumonia. lower concentration can cause bronchial inflammation, especially to more sensitive people. May cause allergic reactions (due to amounts stored the object is attributed to hazard category III).

Amine catalysts

Reactive liquid, may cause chemical burns, harmful if inhaled or swallowed, as well as in case of skin contact. It is used in the technological process as a catalyst (very small quantities are stored).

Niax® SiliconeL-2100

A stable liquid under normal conditions, used in the object as a catalyst in the technological process. The substance has a slight irritating effect (very small amounts  stored).


A stable liquid under normal conditions, used in the object as a catalyst in the technological process. The substance has a slight irritating effect (very small amounts stored).

Phyrol FR-2

Low reactive liquid, carcinogen. Toxic to aquatic organisms (very small quantities stored).


Low reactive liquid with mild irritant effect. Used in the technological process (very small quantities stored).


Information about the probability of accidents

The risk of explosion and fire in the facility is low. The most dangerous possible accident is the spillage of substances of the isocyanate group. The greatest possible danger in the event of such an accident is temporary air pollution of the surrounding areas (up to ~800 m).


Compounds that may form in the case of accident

During accidents, materials stored and used in the facility may enter the environment (see next section). In the event of a fire, their combustion products, among which, in addition to the standard ones (carbon monoxide, sulfur and nitrogen oxides and solid particles), may contain small amounts of toxic compounds such as hydrogen cyanide.



In the event of an accident, residents would be informed by a general siren and by the factory’s security staff personally by phone, and if necessary, by special service officers individually.

What to do in the event of an accident

In the event of an accident, instructions and requirements of the specialized services must be followed. If the wind is blowing in your direction, move away from your position perpendicular to the wind direction or (if you are at home) tightly shut windows and vents, plug all openings with a damp material and wait for instructions from emergency services.


Other information

More information about accident management available in the administration of UAB “Vita Baltic International”.


Person in charge:

Safety manager Audrius Jezepčikas, mobile no. 8 676 40 002